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The TAOSH barrel brand is an inspiration of Csilla’s nearly decade-long experience selecting, importing and distributing high quality Hungarian oak barrels. Working closely with winemakers in the United States, Australia and South America, Csilla has developed a deep understanding of the trade and the importance of quality barrels. Hungarian Oak Barrel LLC, through its TAOSH brand, has a single-minded focus; provide wine makers with the finest materials, consistently superior craftsmanship, and the best value available anywhere.

TAOSH barrels are crafted by world class coopers operating in a high-tech environment in the heart of the Zemplen Forest, the site of Hungary’s world-class oak.  This species of oak grown here is known worldwide for its medium hard grain, herbaceous tannin, and long lasting quality. It is the same oak species as the Quercus Petraea / Sessile variety and comparable to the tight grained oak of Nevers and Allier grown in France. TAOSH staves are air dried for two to three years. The barrels are fire bent and toasted using traditional oak-burning fire pots. Stylistically, the barrels are soft and subtle and bring forth characteristics ranging from fresh bread, oats and brown sugar to roasted nuts, honey and caramel, each reflected in different toasting profiles.

With today’s global markets, there has been a resurgence of demand from discerning customers around the world for Hungarian oak because of its compatibility with specific grape varietals, long lasting features and considerable value.